Code of conduct

Since its inception EuroCompliance has adopted a Code of Conduct which is enclosed in the company statutes.
The Code of Conduct is co-signed by management team and by each consultant who works with EuroCompliance, in particulars auditors, trainers and ISO 37001 committee.
The emphasis is specifically laid on the independence and impartiality of the assessments and the respect of confidentiality of your data.

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Ensuring adherence to our Code of Conduct:


United Nations Global Compact

EuroCompliance fully subscribes to the UN Global Compact regarding sustainable development commitments and responsible business practices. In particular our aim is to help advance the new tenth principle of this Global Compact: “‘Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery”. Read 2019 EuroCompliance Communication on Progress.

Responsible Sourcing Policy

EuroCompliance has adopted a responsible sourcing policy for the procurement of goods and services. Its key actions are:

  • Conduct sourcing that where possible serves our local community
  • An aspiration to purchase products and services less impacting for our environment
  • Give consideration to making the right choices of our transport to save CO2 emissions

Raising concerns

We encourage our clients to bring to our attention any concerns they might have about our adherence to our own Code of conduct. To that purpose our stakeholders may use our dedicated platform.

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